Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Australian's War on Science, continued

I've got the rare opportunity to scoop Tim Lambert on this one, so I'm shamelessly stealing his series title.

Yesterday, The Australian put the IPCC's Himalayan glacier error on its front page. Today, we are treated to a follow-up glacier story on page 5 (Climate panel to probe error on glacial melting), a story on the same page about Lord Monckton ("'High priest' of the skeptics lured to tour") that also mentions Ian Plimer (although they misspell his name as "Pilmer" - a shocking error coming from his biggest cheerleaders), and a truly mind-numbing editorial by Janet Albrechtsen ("Heated moments mar Monckton") which contains this gem:

"When Monckton talks aobut the science he is powerful. Watch on YouTube his kerb-side interview of a well-meaning Greenpeace follower on the streets of Copenhagen last month. With detailed data behind him, he asks whether she is aware that there has in fact been global cooling in the past nine years? No, she is not. Whether she has been aware that there has been virtually no change to the amount of sea ice? No, she does not. Whether, given her lack of knowledge about these facts, she is driven by faith, not facts. Yes, she is drive by faith, she says.

To those with an open mind, Monckton's fact-based questions demand answers from our political leaders."

There has been global cooling in the past nine years? Really?
There has been no change in sea ice? Really?

The rest of the editorial is filled with similar nonsense. She only mildly rebukes Monckton for name-calling, while accepting his "facts" with total credulity.

Are there any real journalists left at The Australian?

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