Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where have we heard this before?

Scientists agree there's a problem. Human emissions are causing a dangerous change in the earth's systems. Despite clear scientific evidence built on well-understood physical principles, politicians and industry are dragging their feet. So-called "contrarian scientists" allege that there's a peer-review conspiracy keeping them out of the literature. Americans balk at an international protocol to limit emissions because it would put the U.S. at an economic disadvantage. The Cato Institute proposes that fears are being played up by scientists as a ploy to garner more research funding. Uncertainty about the extent and progression of the problem, and fear-mongering over the economic cost of doing something about it are used as excuses to delay action.

Am I talking about carbon dioxide and anthropogenic global warming? No, I'm talking about CFCs and the ozone hole from 30 years ago.

Read this summary for a full accounting of the parallels.

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  1. ozone? Ah, I thought you were talking about the health-effect of smoking! :-)