Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Connect the dots . . .

In earlier posts, I pointed out the parallels in tactics between the creationist movement and climate denial movement. Now you can add a third piece to the puzzle: anti-vaccination loonies.

The Discovery Institute, best known for its efforts to promote "Intelligent Design" as a "scientific" alternative to evolution, is not only on board with the climate denial movement - it's now throwing its hat in with the vaccines-cause-autism loonies.

Particularly telling is this paragraph, which was later removed:
Maybe the studies were valid. By all means, let's find out. In fact, a thorough and independent public investigation is imperative. Since the Center for Disease Control's money was involved, surely the CDC should not be the only body looking into this matter. Meanwhile, tell us again why scientists who dissent from the "consensus" in this scientific field, or any other, must be silenced.

Conspiracy. Money-hungry scientists. Cover-up. Consensus. It's all there.

Orac at ScienceBlogs has the full story.

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  1. Since they've already been involved in HIV AIDS denial this isn't that big a step. Both Jonathan Wells and Phillip Johnson, two of the founders of intelligent design have made claims disputing the connection between HIV and AIDS. Both are prominent fellows of the DI.